How To Get Noticed By Record Labels

As a new artist, getting signed by a record label is usually a major part of the plan. Unfortunately many artists can not afford a team to help them navigate their way into label meetings. As a result, they take matters into their own hands and blindly stumble in the wrong direction. Randomly sending your music to the CEO is NOT going to get you anywhere, but we have the solution. This blog post will help guide those artists working independently, by giving them he tools to have record labels pursuing THEM. Follow these 3 steps to begin negotiating your contract!

1) Build your fan base naturally.


This may seem like common sense, but so many talented artists feel that their music doesn’t mean anything without a huge social media following. Instead of focusing on those fans actually listening to their music, they waste money on buying fake followers. Put your energy into really building your fan base by performing regularly, engaging with your supporters on social media instead of ONLY posting and ghosting, and provide an additional source of value to your fans outside of your music.


2) Show you can make them money.


Record labels have only one goal when signing an artist…TO MAKE MONEY! As consumers of the music industry, it’s easy to forget that our favorite artists is not getting paid solely because of talent. The only reason they can receive such large advances is because the label knows they will make at least ten times more with them. Keep records of how you’re bringing in money with your music. Wether it’s sold out shows at local venues, selling merchandise on your online store, or even selling exclusive content, make sure you have access to these numbers and take pride in them! Remember, $100k in revenue will ALWAYS beat 100k streams/views in the business world.


3) Know how the industry works.


There’s a lot of power that comes with understanding how things work in your industry. When labels see that you’re following the right protocols, they respect your professionalism. This brings a LOT of leverage when it comes time to discuss contract terms. By demonstrating your knowledge, it will ensure a fair deal is drawn up in your favor. Do this by researching how things are properly done in the industry and seeking a mentor to help with the tough questions!

Watch our interview with Atlantic Records, Heir Wave Music Group and Patchwerk Recording Studios for more insights on what labels want! Music Industry Sectets | Women In Music Zoom Event

Focusing on these 3 steps will take you further by checking all the boxes record labels look for when scouting talent! Need help getting started? Schedule a phone consultation with Supreme Talent to begin connecting with labels today!

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